This is 21st century American engineering employing "GREEN" technologies like DBUS (differential bore uni-flow scavenging), Rotary cross-valves, and IVT transmissions that as a whole make for a hydro-thermal HYBRID that is clean burning, economical to manufacture, simple, reliable,low maintenance,  and on the leading edge of automotive technology.
     Alchemy is not just about hybrid powertrains. Alchemy is not even limited to upward vehicle technologies. Alchemy is a complete concept of efficiency and simplicity, making for smooth operation corporately as well as mechanically. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of what is to be the next step, perhaps the next leap in automotive history, please contact me at the numbers and mailboxes below. Thanks for your interest.

We need the following skilled colleages on our team:

Motorcycle artist/style conceptualist
Electronics engineer in automotive applications
Solidworks 2009 CAD designer
Experienced machinists
Potential Motorcycle/scooter dealers
Motivated investors interested in a dynamic incipient enterprise

Alchemy Moto LLC


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