As of August 07, 2009, the Alchemy "Copperhead" engine is now "patents pending".

This engine is the future of reciprocating internal combustion engines that will power everything from scooters to large trucks. Employing the advantages of the two-stroke and four-stroke together in an amalgamation that has miraculously cured the drawbacks of both is pure alchemy. Forward thinking means not looking back. All of this is implemented with a degree of simplicity that brings the reliablility and cost effectiveness in manufacture that will transform the industry. Anyone can make something complicated. It takes Alchemy to make it simple. Sounds too good to be true? Here's briefly how its done:
1) The intake transfer and exhaust cycles are effectively separated by an asymmetrical variable cross spool valve.
2) Full scavenging is effected through the use of a differential bore which pumps a higher volume of intake air through the primary chamber up into the cylinder, providing full evacuation, yet retaining full secondary filling.
3) Unburned hydro-carbons and peaky power bands are eliminated by the use of a stratified direct fuel injection after the exhaust is fully closed, and timed just before combustion to eliminate squish pocket which cause detonation, pre-ignition, and unburned fuel.
4) By using rotary spool valves, the reciprocating action of poppet valves are eliminated. This system allows much higher rev limits, increases reliability, and reduces costs and maintenance.
5) The major shortcomings of two-strokes is not only the peakiness of power delivery and poor emissions, but the necessity of having to mix oil with gas or put oil in an injector tank to burn.  The AOMLS employs a passage system that internally lubricated utilizing a pump that really doesn't exist. How? The piston acts as a oil/air pump on the counter side of the differential bore. This not only lubricates, but also greatly cools the piston and all other part in which the lube is ushered to. No oil to burn. Just add oil to the four-stroke like sump, and change at recommended intervals. Nice.
6) The Copperhead is fully interchangable and modular, meaning multiple cylinder and variable size engines will have similar parts, which reduce cost of product and distribution, which equals better parts availability and greatly reduced retailing.
Conclusion: The Alchemy Copperhead will be the power center of a new and unique vehicle system that will change the way you move and think.
Keep posted for our new Fluidrive transmission which employs no gearing, exemplifying Alchemy's dedication to simplification and performance.
Also to come are new concepts in chassis design and ergonomic function.

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