Alchemy is about Mechanical Wisdom.

      Well known technologies when combined in new ways produce surprising benefits.  The Copperhead engine is the first in a series of new engine technologies being formulated at Alchemy labs.  Our Copperhead engine employs a differential bore for complete exhaust scavenging through a rotary exhaust spool valve.  An air/oil mist lubrication system (AOMLS) and direct stratified fuel injection combination for the 21st century creates a two-stroke engine that does not have free oil in the combustion chamber which create pollutants and poor performance.  The Copperhead produces far fewer emissions, even when compared with a modern 4-stroke engine.  The Copperhead is lightweight and has a torque curve that is flat and linear, while retaining the advantages of a 2-stroke engine.
     Coupling the DEUCE cycle Copperhead  to our FluiDrive infinitely variable swash plate hydrostatic transmission (IVSPHT) makes for a complete motorcycle power package that is shift-free, and does not use any gears at all.  Our FluiDrive allows the engine to always operate in its most efficient power band. We like to call this a "hydro-thermal hybrid". This engine is to power the first fully automatic motorcrosser, the Firestorm MX125. When less attention is needed to operate the vehicle in this stressful environment, the more attention can be put to winning the race  Exciting stuff.  Get involved, Get caught up in Alchemy.

     New thoughts are soon to develop into reality as the PET hybrid scooter is moving toward its completion. This vehicle will utilize the "WIldfire" true rotary engine, coupled through a direct driven DC electric motor. Parts are reduced, efficiency rises, reliability increases, costs are reduced. Full "green" technology at comparable pricing to standard gas vehicles, while maintaining equal or better performance.
Its about time.

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